NRS Boaters Gloves

Write a review       I am on my third pair of these gloves.  It's not because they do not hold up.  I used my first pair for many years until the day I took one off, set it on my deck and paddled off.  One left glove didn't cut it, so I picked up another pair.  It was a new design just like this third pair I bought.  The valcro fastening design is easy to use and excellent.  And that black patch along the top of the thumb is a soft material that can be used to wipe sweat from your brow or deal with a runny nose.  I had to buy this third pair because my boat got washed off the shore by a huge boat wake.  I lost a lot of gear that wasn't fastened down, including my gloves.  And you guessed it, I was left with one left hand glove again.

       These gloves are great.  They protect your hands from blisters and and keep them from sunburn. They are very sturdy and can take a beating from salt water and sunshine.  If I loose another one, I'll be back for a fourth pair.

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