Skeg Rescue


Yackman's Skeg Rescue Tail

Sandfly Key 2/17/13 - 09

Bruce's Skeg Rescue Tail

You are paddling when the wind begins to pick up  suddenly you need to deploy your skeg - and it's jammed!  You work the slide that lowers the skeg but it won't move.  You know that if you force it you might kink the skeg cable, so you call a paddling buddy over and ask him to reach under your boat and try to unjam the skeg.  If the skeg is partially deployed you have a chance.  But if it isn't, you don't.  Attaching a "tail" to your skeg that hangs down below the skeg opening gives you something to grab onto and possibly loosen the skeg jammed in the skeg box.  The short video that follows gives more information on how to "rescue" your jammed skeg.  


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