Landing in the Surf Zone


I don't get much chance to practice landing or launching in surf.  Both can be problematic and harder than they look.  When landing you have to time your approach as the first video below illustrates.  It is easy to yaw and get sideways in the waves.  That can provide a sideways rush to the beach, or a rollover, depending on the size of the surf!  I find getting out of my boat on landing before being sucked back out or hit hard by the next waves to be the hardest part.  Once you hit the beach there is very little time to pop the spray deck and scramble to your feet.  I usually get knocked about with the cockpit filling with water and sand.

The videos below, one professionally done and one shot by me may give some insight into how to make a safe surf landing.

Here's how the professionals do it.

Here's how folks like me do it.

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